Monday, February 24, 2014

Two in One

      For this project I decided to morph an eye with a music note. I decided to choose the music note since music has such an impact in my life; being in the school band and having a large music history in my family. The eye has no sentimental value to me other than the eye being so important to life, although I also find drawing an eye really interesting because eyes can differentiate so much.There are simple ways to represent change in eyes such as looking different ways, the color, and even shape. But what's really stunning in drawings of eyes are the emotions that are shown. Eyes can show fear, love, sadness, confusion and so many more emotions, and for that to be shown on paper really interests me and makes me want to strive for the same.  I've transformed an eye to a music note by lengthening the soft curved eye lashes so long that it eventually becomes the straight harsh line of the stem to the eighth note. The eye can easily mimic the wide oval shape of an eighth note, making it easy for someone to see how it actually is 'two in one'. 
      I've been on the fence deciding which medium to use. Pen was immediately voted no because of the struggle of the light shading to the white of the eye( the struggle is real). Drawing with pencils is definitely inside my comfort zone; practically being the only medium I've ever used. However the range of lights to dark isn't as big as charcoal could give. The final choice had to be charcoal so details could clearly show and the dark and light can better contrast. I'll use a charcoal pencil for the eye, but not for the stem of the music note. The stem of the music note is very even and rigid; no details needed.
      So far all I've done is the sketch so nothing has gotten tricky yet. Looking at the sketch I can tell the proportions are gonna trip me up though. Also the eye will most likely turn into a war with myself trying to get the details just right since my view and standards of a drawn eye is so high.

These are my two in progress pictures. The first one is where I had outlined it with pencil and had started shading. The second one is where I have done it all over in charcoal but haven't started really layering.  

  This is my final drawing, I added a 'back round' which is the number four, this is actually a time signature and is cut off to go with the cut off note. I added the time signature to point out that it's also a music note not only an eye.
  Throughout this project I had most trouble one shading in the basic things such as the time signature and the stem of the music note. I feel like the eye itself turned out well with the details and shading however. If I could do it again, I'd add more detail to the back round.