Thursday, February 16, 2017

Learning Techniques

What technique do you think you'll use for your pit fire piece?

I'll probably use slab. Though I think coil would actually end up being easier since I feel like you can have more mistakes and still be able to fix it, slab will end up looking more like what I hope for than coil. (pinch is irrelevant) 

Who did what in the group?  How was the work divided?

Mark and I were a "group". I did the directions and writing, and Mark did the pictures. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017


1. I think what was most successful pertaining to the cardboard piece was the ability to add the layers and dimension, and pairing that with such little paint to still make something that isn't realistic but "detailed". I think the tile piece low key looks gross BUT what was most successful was the fact that since this has really been my first sculpture in years, I was able to add all the elements needed (texture, glaze, glass, relief) with little to no hiccups in the process; so though it looks bad, the actual process was not.

2. I probably would have changed the theme of the tile piece. I still like what I was going for but at my skill level and the size that we were working with, it wasn't realistic for myself to create what I was hoping for. A theme like space or something to do with rain is more my wheelhouse and has more interest to me. 

3. My subject for the cardboard was the ocean. I chose this because I figured it would be easy to include the layering and different textures since the actual ocean itself has so many different levels. Also one of my favourite art pieces is "The Great Wave off Kanagawa " so it was something I really like in art works and have seen often. For the tile piece I was going for the abstract vibe; the ocean, ground, and sun. I was hoping it would bring together multiple parts of nature and kind of the view of the sunrise near the ocean. I chose that because when someone says nature it's kind of the first thing I think of, so I went with it.