Art 1 final


I think that the open art room really did help me grow. The fact that art is such a personal thing and has such a huge range of options, makes this new idea perfect. I felt like I could work on the certain medium that was assigned and improve on that, while also creating something that I was happy with. I think that when you have to do something like art in such strict limits, it often turns into more of a chore and students most likely only do the minimum to get an A. With more options, I could still learn, but use my own creativity to think of new ideas. This helped me with the certain medium or technique because in return I became more interested, but also helped me grow as an artist in what is one of the most important parts of being an artist; creativity.

 I was able to use my own ideas, and connect the drawing to myself a lot easier than I could if I had to draw one thing that was assigned to me.

Medium- which medium did you most enjoy working with and why? Which medium did you not use but wish you explored?
    I most enjoyed working with oil pastels. I really really like that the option of blending is available in this technique, but it's also acceptable to not blend. I like the look of something that can be perceived as realistic but also has more of a texture. Also, though the art piece is realistic, the color scheme can be anything you want with oil pastels. I think it looks really cool and is fun to work with because of the blending and the consistency, and also that it's just a bit different than other types.
Charcoal pastels(warm ups)      

Oil Pastels(warm ups)

   I wish I had explored charcoal pastels more. I like how it looks slightly smoky and air brushed. Unlike the oil pastels, it doesn't have such a defining texture, its more similar to colored pencils. But unlike colored pencils, I was able to blend together and had no line marks or gaps. It;s more chalky consistency allowed for more playing and blending, I wish that I had more time to practice and try things out with it.

        Do over- If given the opportunity what project would you do over? Describe why and how you would redo this project. Reasons might include choosing a different theme, using a different medium, or creating a different idea completely.
    If I could redo a project it would be the color project. The reason behind this chose is quite honestly because my original sucked a lot. I had a really hard time thinking of an idea, working with colored pencils, and making it look decent. If I would redo it, I would chose a different medium, maybe oil pastels or markers; something bright and that I have more of a handle on. I would also change the theme to nature, or fantasy; a theme that has such bright colors when you first imagine it. In general I would just redo it all, focus on it and play more to my strengths.

   Choose a place or artwork where the subject matter reflects you as an artist. One that you have a personal connection with. Please explain. 
     I chose a piece that I did on my own time, not related to the class. I drew this as practice for shading, but I got more into it and really got connected. This picture is a cropped picture of a ballet dancers legs. This really reflects me in many ways. As a person it reflects me for obvious reasons; I dance for hours a day and have been for years, my training focused on ballet. As an artist I think it reflects me well for a few reasons. One being that the color scheme is not realistic, and I really like that. I like that the picture itself is realistic, the details and shading, but the colors used are bright and dull and they vary a lot. It's a cropped picture, as I mentioned before, which is what I do often. I zoom down to on point in a picture, or one detail, and tries to recreate that as closely and with as much detail as I can. This picture has a lot of connections to me and reflects me as a person and artist really well/

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