Tuesday, May 30, 2017


  1. ​Explain the process? The general process of this is to make a piece, and then once 'leather hard', cover it in this black goop. Once the black goop dries, go in with an object of your desired size and etch into the piece. Etching into the piece will scratch out the black goop so you can see the underlying color(either white clay or red). Then put it in the kiln, take it out, dip it in that rank smelling glaze, and put it back in the kiln. 
  2. What did you think of the sgraffito process? I thought it was pretty cool. I really really hate dry clay and the sound/feeling of it, so scratching at it and such kind of urked me, but the idea of it and outcome was really cool. I also thought it was really cool and interesting how you had to think of which shadows and shading would be the underneath or the black. 
  3. How was your pieces successful and how might you change it if you were to do it again? I thought my piece was pretty swell. I think the design was really cool and turned out kind of messy which is what I wanted. If I were to do  it again I would have wanted to make sure the original piece was made better (i.e smoother, more even, etc) and that I would have focused more on putting an even glaze on everything.


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