Tuesday, May 30, 2017

paper Mache

  1. How was your piece successful? I think the general shape was really successful, it wasn't perfect or too realistic but I think it definetely got the point across which I was really proud of. 
  2. What difficulties did you have with it?  Was it the shape? Medium? Layers? I had the most difficulty with the layers around certain crevises, but once I figured out how to mold the paper more, it was a lot easier. I also struggled with the painting because certain colors were more opaque than others and that was driving me bonkers.
  3. Did you finish it? Why or why not? why yessiree I did finish! I finished because I was FEELING IT and got the hang of the process pretty fast. Plus if I had done it pretty fast, I wasn't gonna waste it, I was gonna paint that dang thing. 

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