Sunday, January 29, 2017

Inspired Artist Post (Feb 1)

   My chosen artist is Dustin Yellin ( ). He's currently 41 years of age and lives in Brooklyn, NY. So his artworks are generally a little tricky to describe, but basically he works in glass. He tends to build on the idea of layering, to create a 3D sculpture, but it'll emerge with often an incredibly amount of detail since each layer has some sort of image on it. He grew up in Colorado, but didn't feel that school was doing much good, so veered off the normal path. He studied for a year with a physics teacher; this surrounded him with the scientific approaches on matters and generally eccentric stuff (that's code word for hallucinogens).
   Alrighty, so to be completely honest I chose him because it was one of the first pictures that popped up that seemed cool. Now for me, for art to really be cool it has to fit my 'cool art checklist'. This means the following: would I not question why it's in an art museum? would I actually stop and look at it or would I slowly walk past nodding because I feel like people will think I'm ill-cultured if I don't pretend I'm interested? If this showed up on my pinterest board, would I re-pin it? Well his sculptures check these all off (I'm gonna look him up on pinterest after this assignment in fact). I think what really got me to stop scrolling was that I had to stop. His pieces are so incredibly detailed and are multiple art works in one; you have to really look at it to get the whole picture. Also, after I decided he's the guy for me, I found out he did a piece for the New York City Ballet, which is my wheel house. So to sum this up: I could justify why he's famous, I love things that can always show you something you hadn't seen before, and he did something ballet oriented so of course I love it.
NYCB Art Series Presents Dustin Yellin

Thursday, January 26, 2017



What was hardest about the cloud texture was making it look soft and fluffy. I normally would rely more on the coloring aspect of an art form to shape it (ha pun intended) into what I want, but making it resemble a cloud when it's grey and dense purely from texture was pretty tough.


What was hardest about the rock texture what getting some parts of it really rough looking but also really smooth and curvy. It was hard to do with the clay and really separate the two looks without it turning into more of a blob feel.


Obviously I struggled the most with the fur. I just had a generally tough time. I don't really have a good grasp on how to physically mimic fur and things like hair; fine (lol another pun like fine hair) and detailed things. Also what was weird about this one was the angle that we were trying to create; looking from a birds eye view was throwing me off even more than it would have if I were to just recreate the look of fur.