Monday, March 20, 2017

Tape Shoes

 ​​Explain the process start to finish. 
WELL first we have to sketch out the break up of the shoe  and figure out how the shoe                                                                 pieces together. Then you have to cut out the structure pieces from note cards and then                                                                 wrap it all in tape, and then tape it together with tape also. It depends on what shoe you're                                                             doing also, like shoe laces and buckles. 
What do you find successful about your piece?
 I think the bed of the shoe was really realistic. The part where birks curve up                                                                                   rather than just a flat base is kind of unique and I thought, not to brag, I kind of                                                                               killed it.

What would you change?  How was it unsuccessful?
 I would  probably change the buckles to make them a little more realistic and I think
 the most unsuccessful aspect was the whole tape factor. I used tape obviously, 
but I kind of missed out on the whole make it look                                                                                               completely out of tape; you can still see the lines of the note card which is                                                                                      a shame.

(I can't crop this picture on this website, and I deleted them off my phone to make room for the other pictures! I'm so sorry I should have tried this earlier today so I could have asked you!)

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