Monday, March 20, 2017

Unconventional materials

What material did you have?               

What made it hard to work with?         
  It was really hard to bend and mold around                                                                               curves.

What did you make and and why?       
 I made a hand grasping up, covered in the map. I made it because I wanted to make a connection to human rights in some way, and I find a lot of symbols for that are hand related. I wanted to make a hand open though instead of a fist so it could be like "holding the hand in the palm of your hand" or like how it's the people's job to hold the world and take care of it. 

How is your piece successful? ​            
  I think the shape of the hand turned out well and the colors I used were really well.
 The block colors on the tips of the fingers I think                                                                  really made it look more artistic rather than crafty and I really liked that. 

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